Our Training Courses

Campus to Corporate (CTC) Training

The CTC Program designed by us comprises of modules that bridge the gap between the educational world and the corporate one in order to make students industry – ready and excellence – oriented, in true Ameya style. Not only do we make them ready for the marketplace, cwe also bring about a paradigm shift in students” attitude and behavior, equipping them with life skills that will bestow them with the excellence – oriented leaders. Ability to overcome challenged and obstacles in their career path and also steer them towards recognizing and working towards their highest potential. 

Faculty Enablement Program

FEP encourages teachers to gain a fresh prespective on their teaching methodology and by revising their techniques meet the current needs and demands of their classrooms and beyond. This progressive module facilitates school teachers, lecturers, professors and educational leaders to become change-makers and able facilitators of effective learning tools in their chosen fields of study. 

FEP along with “Language and Communication skills enhancement workshop” enables teachers to enchance their language and Presentation Skills which results in raised Teaching Standards. 

Grooming Corporate Leaders (GCL) Program

Is a unique and powerful Soft Skills Training package which is designed and developed by our team of experts for identifying and developing individual talent among corporate leaders, equipping them with necessary skill – sets which are required in maximizing their potential and in driving them towards optimal performance. It also nurtures their competencies, addresses professional needs and grievances and enables them to gain insight into the intricacies of the corporate set – up, laying down the foundations to become driven, motivated 

Cross Cultural Sensitivity (CCS) Training

In what is now a global corporate village of sorts, it is essential that individuals are sensitized and made to understand the nuances of intercultural interactions and the growing importance they demand in the current professional space. Exposing participants to various cultural differences and similarities grooms them into effectively integrating themselves in diverse cultural settings, exhibit appropriate social etiquette and behavior, adapt to difference styles of working and therefore overcome the various intercultural barriers that may arise in their cross – cultural interactions. 

Content Development

We conceptualize and create content for a vast range of behavioral and managerial concepts for corporate and educational institutions on request. We pepper our training sessions with videos, movies, games, role plays, plenty of inspiring stories, and harp strongly on the principle of pursuing excellence

Individual Certification

Certificates of Proficiency in Soft Skills are awarded by ameya to successful candidates who avail of this program. All the modules are based on experiential forms of learning, and as such are lively, interactive, engaging and fun, inspite of abiding by prescribed training frameworks. 

An Illustrative List of Training Modules

Excellence in Leadership

Excellence in Customer Care


High-performance Team

Managerial Excellence

Business Communication

Workload and Productivity

Assertiveness Skills

Negotiation Skills

Business Presentations Skills

Public Speaking

Voice and Accent Neutralization

Time Management Skills

Prioritizing, Planning & Organizing

Goal Setting

Stress Management

Change Management

Interpersonal Skills

Speed Reading and Retention of Memory

Corporate and Business Etiquette

Problem Solving

Conflict Resolution

Campus to Corporate Cycle

Entrepreneurship Master Skills